Finding a drug rehab center near you

Drug addiction breaks the hearts of friends and families daily. If left untreated, alcoholism and drug addiction causes severe emotional pain and suffering – for the afflicted and their loved ones.


What to look for in a substance abuse treatment program

When you start looking for substance abuse treatment, you may see advertisements for programs in tranquil settings with gorgeous views. While amenities like that are nice to have, they likely come with a big price tag. Focus on what is truly important: appropriate licensing, quality of care during the program, follow-up services, and staff credentials. Things to check include:

  • Program accreditation and licensing. Make sure the treatment program is accredited by the state it’s in. Also check to ensure that the program is run by licensed, well-trained mental health professionals and addiction specialists.
  • The effectiveness of the program’s treatment methods. Treatment centers should have at least some statistics on their success rates, preferably from an objective outside agency.
  • Type of aftercare services to prevent relapse. Is there a well-run aftercare program? Does it provide referrals to other recovery services and support groups in the community? Also make sure that a staff member will collaborate with you to create a discharge plan before you leave the program.

There is no half-measure solution. Be over of the drug and alcohol problem today, and the horrid consequences of using and drinking. Call and get help from the pros – we are here providing the best drug rehabilitation program for you or your loved one: